Full Service Independent Minnesota Insurance Agency

What can a full service independent Minnesota insurance agency do for you? We can help you make the best decisions about your insurance coverage, based on your individual needs and budget. As a ‘Full Service’ agency, we can provide coverage for personal and business needs. As an ‘Independent’ agency, we represent many insurance carriers and can find the ones that offer the best combination of coverage and value for your individual situation. Here are a few of the most common kinds of insurance that people need.

Auto Insurance

Do you know which carriers give discounts for combining automobile coverage with homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, or for insuring multiple vehicles? The professionals at Faribo Insurance know the answers to these questions and many others that will help you choose the best car insurance for your family or business.

Business Insurance

When insuring your business, you are insuring your assets as well as your source of income. A solo practitioner who leases office space, furniture and equipment has different needs than a partnership that owns its office building and equipment and has dozens of employees. Faribo Insurance agents can accurately evaluate your needs and find the best coverage.

Farm Insurance

Farmers often live where they work, so choosing the right insurance coverage for the home, business, crops, livestock, buildings and equipment is important. Since they work with such tight profit margins, farmer’s can’t afford to be either underinsured and exposed to unnecessary risk, or over insured and paying for coverage they don’t need. Faribo agents know how to find the right balance.

Health Insurance

Finding affordable health insurance is a challenge for both individuals and businesses. With so many plans and options available, yet so many possible exclusions, it can take a lot of research to find adequate coverage. With the help of a Faribo Insurance professional to sort through the confusing maze of policies, you will be able to rest assured that you are getting the best possible combination of coverage and pricing to fit both your health coverage needs and your budget.

Home Insurance

If you are like most people, your home is your most valuable asset, so it’s important to provide adequate coverage. When you acquire new furnishings, add a pool or build a garage you need to make sure your coverage keeps pace. Faribo agents can help you review your policy to ensure the best coverage and prices.

Life Insurance

Adequate life insurance coverage means that your family members will be able to carry on with as little disruption to their daily routine as possible in the event of a tragic loss. Needs change as families grow and as children leave home. Life insurance can also play an important role in a business partnership. Consulting with a knowledgeable Fairbo agent can provide continuity for your family and business.

Specialty Insurance

Do you own an RV, boat or snowmobile? Are you a contractor who needs to insure your tools and equipment? Do you design software and need to insure your intellectual property? Faribo’s Minnesota insurance agency professionals can find coverage to suit your situation.

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